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Independent Disability Commission current aims are to have four main Offices in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland by the end of 2018.

The Independent Disability Commission encompass the views of Persons living with Disability, Caregivers, and Advocates.

To interlink with National government, local government bodies, Justice, Employment Sectors, Health Sector NHS wellbeing and social care agencies in the United Kingdom.

Independent Disability Commissions first term, will focus on Networking and Establishing links with existing Organisation, Groups, Charities, Central and Local Government Departments.

This will be by feeding into reports and offer an Advisory capacity.

The Independent Disability Commission will be a vital voice to tackle the Issues of Inclusion Isolation, Poverty, Injustice, and Equality through dignity and respect.

DisabledViewUK has interlinked with DisabledUK and StillHumanUK

The Independent Disability Commission Think Tank has highlighted for our the first term in office the following Key Objectives

The right to life

Persons with Disability & Carers Charter

Community Hubs for networking with already Established Bodies and Organizations

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