Disabled View UK, Disabled UK & Still Human UK have join forces to give persons living with disabilities in the UK a roaring voice, after meeting with Labour’s Shadow Secretary for Works and Pensions Debbie Abrahams to discuss the formation of an Independent Disability Commission.

On 11th October 2017 leading disability organisations Disabled View UK, Disabled UK & Still Human UK met with Labour’s Shadow Secretary for Works and Pensions, Debbie Abrahams to discuss the impact that current governmental policies have along with the impact these policies have not only have on persons with disabilities and the elderly but for caregivers too. We also looked at how the current policies in place have affected disability advocates across the UK.

The coalition of groups put forward a proposal for the formation of an Independent Disability Commission to help tackle the main difficulties faced by all those that these ineffective policies target, by formulating alternate methods that if implemented would not only improve the lives of those that are affected by current policies, but would also help save the country spending more of its limited budget than required.

Raised at the meeting were the improvements needed to PIP, ESA, JSA and Universal Credit systems.

Current systems failings from case files were presented, which identified just how flawed the system is by highlighting the many grave and systematic fundamental failings that burden the state with extra cost to resolve these issues.

One of the reports included strategies to improve housing stock to ensure equal access to a councils housing stock by future planning & implementing the lifetimes homes standards which would allow Council’s to make savings to their budgets in the long term & ensure equal access with homes that are suitable for both persons with disability and non-disabled persons. This was just one of our many reports that were welcomed warmly.

The meeting also gained support for the formation of the Independent Disability Commission which funding is now being sought for.



The Independent Disability Commission Steering Group would like to invite all Groups and Organisations to come on board in the United Kingdom.

The commission’s role would be to encompass the views of Disabled People, Caregivers, Charities, National Government, Local Government Bodies, Justice, Employment Sectors, Health Sector, NHS, wellbeing and Social Care Agencies within the UK.

We aim to provide a positive national platform by addressing, establishing and supporting the rights of persons with disability and Caregivers.

Please register your Group or Organisation interest here:


In the Commission first term main goals that have been set and we would like to cover are

* The Right to life
* Disability and Caregiving Charter 2018
* Establishment and inclusion of Person of Disability and
Caregivers group and Establishments across the UK


Disabled UK was founded on the 9th April 2013, in that time has reached just under 10,000 members. We are a unfunded non-profit organisation.

It has become a vital network where people with disabilities, their carers and families can get important advice seven days a week on matters such as Benefits, Housing, Care, NHS and much more.

Disabled UK has many resources that our members can use such as Comprehensive PIP & ESA Advice Sheets, template letters, evidence gathering letters, information on rights and much more.

We have also produced a new JSA/UC System which has been handed to the Labour party and we are currently producing a new ESA & PIP system, which will save the state money and make the system more efficient & Fair.

Our organization doesn’t just rely on our admin & moderators who give what time they can freely to providing information but also allows members to come together to share information and knowledge about many different related topics. This allows members to post questions 24/7 and have someone reply to them with relevant information, allowing our organization to take the stress out of people having the dreaded brown envelope or other letters drop on their doorstep on a Saturday and have nowhere to turn till Monday morning.

An example of one of our worst cases: Link to Richard Greens Story:


“It was a refreshing experience to meet Debbie Abrahams an MP who truly has an understanding of what drastic changes are needed to ensure the rights and equality of disabled people and their families. Her support for the Independent Disability Commission will give hope to many disabled people and their families who are having to fight tooth and nail to be able to live an independent life.”

– Quote by: Richard Farrar, founder of Disabled UK


DisabledViewUk was founded 2015 by caregivers, advocates and persons with disability & now have just under 5 Thousands members to date. DisabledViewUk is Non-political humanitarian not for profit organisation.

Over the years we have supported members with every issue they have faced in life, housing, care, welfare, we have developed a highly successful process and support network to ensure that none of our members has to face isolation, injustice, poverty, equality issues alone.

“It was lovely to meet with Debbie Abrahams and being able to discuss critical issues and we are looking forward to many more collaborative meetings. Raising the case of James Harrison was profoundly emotive to why the Independent Disability Commission is needed.”
– Quote by: Lorraine Cameron, Chairperson for DisabledViewUk

Link to James Harrison:




Was founded in 2015 Still Human UK, over the last year have supported thousands of Members with key issues in Housing, Care, Welfare, fundraising for needs, legal aid funding and also provides legal advice.

The meeting was very productive was incredibly receptive and open to what was raised at the meeting. We are looking forward to forging a lasting relationship to enable full success of Independent Disability Commission.

– Quote by: Robert Carver CEO For Still Human UK

Quote from Debbie Abrahams Labour Shadow Secretary for Works & Pensions:

“I am determined to ensure that disabled people, their families and carers are central to and co-produce Labour Party policy. That’s why my Disability Equality Roadshow travelled the length and breadth of the country last year, speaking to disabled people, deaf and disabled people’s organisations, families and carers. The Roadshow participants identified key priorities which framed our mini-manifesto, with and for disabled people, Nothing About You, Without You.”

“The UN’s Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities recently rebuked the UK Government, yet again, for their failure to effectively include, engage and listen to disabled people. Labour’s continued engagement and discussion with disabled people, including my recent meeting with Disabled View UK, Disabled UK and Still Human UK, is essential to our approach to ensure disabled people have both voices and that their voices are listened to. I look forward to continuing this dialogue and supporting initiatives to ensure disabled people are fully included, as we build on our recent manifesto commitments.”

Independent Disability Commission!

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